Kompi Safelink Converter v1 - Responsive Safelink Blogger Template With Bootstrap3

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Simply put, the safelink converter works to convert or create an encypted link for all links from a blog so that the links become secure by being converted to base64. And if there are visitors who click on the link then visitors will be taken to redirect page safelink converter to get the original link. Well on the page safelink conversi this we can put an ad and get additional profits other than ads that we install. Usually safelink converter is used by blogs that provide downloaded files.

Kompi Safelink Converter Responsive Blogger This template has a fairly light, responsive loading, built with Bootstrap 3 framework, and valid HTML5 and I share it freely provided you do not remove credit link and popup "How To Get" yes ... For the customization I have included on template file.

My advice, if for Adsense ads should use the tool itself, so hilangkah existing tools on the homepage and the link popup "How To Use" and update the post as usual.
Please write (must) your name, blog, and email in the comment field if you would like to try this template.

Kompi Safelink Converter v1

Template Information:

Name : Kompi Safelink Converter Blogger Template
Version : 1.0
Designer : Kompi Ajaib
URL : www.kompiajaib.com

Do not forget to replace the code https://kompisafe.blogspot.com/p/go-to-url.html with the URL of the static page you created.

Pass : themepoi

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